Board and management

In the current board and management 4 board members name and details shown below:

Parvez Ahmed Chowdhury


Parvez has more than 10 years business experience in dealing with suppliers, buyers and distribution. Parvez is educated to degree level and he is looking after Bangladesh operations.

Kawsar Ahmed Chowdhury

Kawsar Ahmed Chowdhury

Managing Director

Kawsar is managing overall company operations. He manages the board and the entire company dealings. All the overseas dealings handling by Kawsar and he travels to different parts of the world to link up the businesses. Kawsar has strong background dealing with suppliers, buying, sales and he has been dealing with the clients from the starting of C&ic Ltd. Kawsar is educated to degree level studied in England and done Business degree from a reputed UK university. Kawsar has been awarded for his achievements in different sectors home and abroad.

Farzana Yasmin


Farzana is educated to Masters Level, done MBA from a reputed university and she is the Director of Businesss Development analyst department.

Taslima Yasmin


Taslima is studying Business Degree and she handles internal communication with company branches and networks.